New Home....Pre- Built configuration


I am building a new home.

I have a c7 and roughly 20 zwave devices already configured to the C7 in a sandbox environment.

The electrician will begin installling the zwave devices in the new home.

Once the internet is installed at the new home I will connect the c7

Clearly the c7 is going to be looking for the switches that I already linked to it in the sand box.

Question....... should I slowly add the switches to the C7 by turning on a few breakers at a time? OR would turning on all breakers be ok for the C7?

Any advice will help

Why even have the breakers off in the first place? Just leave the devices on or turn them all on at once. You want them all to find each other so they build out the neighbors.
Just boot up the C7 and let it sit for a short while, then I would run a full repair to give a kick start at finding all the nodes and routes. A lot of nodes might fail the first go around. Maybe give it a couple of hours and then try the repair again if a lot failed the first time.

Make sure your Z-wave firmware is up to date on that hub. If you have an "Update Firmware" button on the z-wave details page, then you need to do an update.

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Thanks...i keep the hub up to date...

I was concerned that the system has never meshed itself ...i added switches in the sandbox but never had them all in a live state


It should all sort itself out, just be patient. It might take a couple of days for all the devices to work out routes, depending on how scattered they are. I feel like it would be best to just power them all up at the same time.

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Will do