New guy

Hello recently purchased hubitat and lutron caseta pro bridge V2.

I already went ahead and programmed everything on my lutron, dimmer switches, (5button) picos and 2 plug in lamp dimmers.

I went ahead and installed lutron integrator and added one pico from my integration report.
Installed ABC and tried to set it up no dice.

I go to ABC step 1, click remote hit update.
Step 2> configure button 1> turn on>when pushed (click to set) hit update and the update goes away

I cant set anything in any of of the options from the drop down.

What am i doing wrong. Do i have to start from scratch?!?!

Do i have to put all my picos, dimmer switches and lamp dimmers to factory settings?

If i do that do i just add all the devices and not assign them to anything through the lutron app?

Any help to get me running would be greatly appreciated

Do you have any other devices paired to your Hubitat Hub? If not, no devices will be available in @stephack ABC App to choose from.

No, please do not do that. Should not be necessary whatsoever.

Please explain a little more about your complete system and your goals.

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Before ABC can do much, is your Lutron integration working?

Simple way to test: Open Live Logging* and press a Pico button.

dev:774 2019-05-19 07:30:09.178 am info rcvd: DEVICE,2,4,4
dev:774 2019-05-19 07:30:09.021 am info rcvd: DEVICE,2,4,3

You'll get log entries like that. Says Device #2 (first device added after the Lutron SmartBridge PRO) button #4 was pressed then released.

*Open logs by right clicking on "Logs" in the left menu and Open Link in New Tab. As new logs arrive they get displayed in that tab.

Based on this, I'm assuming you have ONLY configured 1 pico, but none of your dimmers. As @ogiewon and @csteele mentioned, the ABC app will only list the options you have configured on your HE hub.

The app is designed to let you use controllers like your Pico remote to control other devices configured on your hub. If you haven't done so already please configure one of your dimmers in HE. It should then show up as an option under "Turn On" as well as other options that device can work with. It will not show up under the options that do not apply to it...such as Fan controls for obvious reasons.

If you are still stuck, post more details here and we would be happy to help.

WOW super fast responces.

I have nothing paired in hubitat. The only devices i have in my home are lutron caseta.

Here is a screen shot from my app (I cant post links or images, great)

In my master bedroom you see that i have Main lights(in wall dimmer switch) and 2 picos that control it via bed side.

Both lamps pico(have it installed on the same wall as main lights in wall dimmer switch) controls the two lamp dimmers)

The last two dimmers controls the table lamp dimmer individually. I have two lamp dimmers

so on each bed side there are 2 picos one for the main lights in the room and one for the table lamp dimmer.

SO what i would like to do in this instance, person walks in the room and powers on both lamps via the pico on the wall, gets in bed. Now its time to turn off the two table lamps and only one person is in the room.
you can only turn off the side table lamp only on your side not both. So instead of reaching over to the other of the bed to hit the other pico to turn off the other side.

Id like to set a button on each pico to run the same command to turn off both lamps from the bed side picos and still be able to control there designated table lamp dimmer individually.

On the hubitat side im pretty much lost. I can add the pico remote via device ID and thats pretty much it...

Where can i post screen shots.. It will explain everything easier via lutron app

You probably can't yet because you are too new to the forum. @bobbyD can confir / fix.

I started providing an explanation of how the Lutron integration all works but it was getting pretty confusing. I think we will really need to understand what you are trying to accomplish before really diving in. Without your screenshots that will be pretty difficult so I will start with what I think you need to understand first and what needs to be setup in HE.

The only things you can control using HE apps are devices that are configured in HE. HE does not know about what you have configured to talk to each other in the Lutron app. It can only see what you allow it to see and control using the Lutron Integration app.

The above is important to understand because you have to understand that your HE config and your Lutron App config are completely independent...therefore, if you plan to use both simultaneously, you have to account for this. One cannot dynamically adjust the setting for the other. For example, if you setup your Lutron App config to have one pico turn on a specific lamp, then HE CANNOT override this. If you configure HE to turn off the same lamp, then what will likely happen is the lamp will turn on via Lutron and then turn off via HE.

This can get confusing really fast so let's at least get the devices you need to control in HE setup via the Lutron Integration app. Any dimmers/switches you want to control will need to show up in your device list. If not HE cannot control them. Open the Lutron Integration app and install them the same way you installed the pico. You might as well add all of them now so they are available as options and at the very least you can see their status in HE.

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Copy. I messed with it some more added info to hubitat.

Thanks again for the help