New globe filament light bulbs

I just got those bulbs from the home depot

is there any driver code for those bulbs?

Highly doubt you will get a driver for this unless you can flash it with Tasmota firmware.


thats what I was thinking. I am not sure if I can flash it with tasmota fw.

There's hope out there for you. Here's a reddit post on the brand but not the same bulb you have. Even the user is from here.

Globe Electric makes beautiful filament bulb for sure.

Just looking at getting a Habitat hub versus samsung and have been checking out if my smart things are compatible with the current supported devices. Globe Electric / Bright (TheSource) bulbs are a great low cost bulbs and plugs are readily available here in Canada often on sale. Bulbs $5.99CDN/$4.20 USD, plugs $7.99/$5.60 USD.

Looks like I'll have to hold off from pulling the pin and getting a Habitat hub till it has support. Hacking all the bulbs is not an option in my case unless there is an OTA option.

Great forum love the content and level of information available.

do not go with samsung hub!!!!!!!!!!!! it is WORST hub I ever have. I cant stand that hub.....

Any news on the support of Globe with Hubitat ?

I bought this:

Globe Electric Wi-Fi Smart 60W Equivalent Vintage Filament Tunable White Dimmable Amber Glass LED Light Bulb, No Hub Required, Voice Activated, ST19 Shape, E26 Base, 34919

And I would like to do some automation with it.


You could alway use samsung as a cloud agregator in a hubless setup. Then use Node-red with Samsung Automation Studio pallet to allow control from Hubitat. Bulbs should be pretty easy to do this with. You will still have to deal with ST reliability but it is very doable.

Also doable from the Alexa side without an Echo device...

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