New GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Switch?


Just ran across these. Look like some new GE Z-Wave switches were released.

The one thing I really like about them is the reduction in the size. Even though I've found some tricks to fit things into the little boxes when replacing switches I still hate having to fight to get everything back in. The auto line/load detection is cool (not a big deal) and it looks like they still require a companion switch in a 3-way setup which kinda sucks.

Any thoughts about the GE brand switches?


The smaller box is definitely nice. The other changes don't matter much to me. Not $5/switch worth at least. I'm hoping this will get the previous versions on sale.


I really wish the manufactures focused on reducing the size more. I had to swap out 5 switches yesterday and luckily it was a newer house with deeper boxes. My house was a pain in the ass with little to no space in the boxes, I had to get creative.


I visited with Jasco at a recent trade show. They are working on releasing a lot of new controls, in z-wave plus with S2 and Zigbee. They said they had been waiting for Zigbee 3.0 to get finalized to start producing products. I saw scene controllers, switches, motion sensors and all kinds of things in their booth that they said were coming for both protocols.