New GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Switch?


Just ran across these. Look like some new GE Z-Wave switches were released.

The one thing I really like about them is the reduction in the size. Even though I've found some tricks to fit things into the little boxes when replacing switches I still hate having to fight to get everything back in. The auto line/load detection is cool (not a big deal) and it looks like they still require a companion switch in a 3-way setup which kinda sucks.

Any thoughts about the GE brand switches?


The smaller box is definitely nice. The other changes don't matter much to me. Not $5/switch worth at least. I'm hoping this will get the previous versions on sale.


I really wish the manufactures focused on reducing the size more. I had to swap out 5 switches yesterday and luckily it was a newer house with deeper boxes. My house was a pain in the ass with little to no space in the boxes, I had to get creative.


I visited with Jasco at a recent trade show. They are working on releasing a lot of new controls, in z-wave plus with S2 and Zigbee. They said they had been waiting for Zigbee 3.0 to get finalized to start producing products. I saw scene controllers, switches, motion sensors and all kinds of things in their booth that they said were coming for both protocols.


I just got in one of the new Enbrighten dimmers in, and should publish a new driver for it (and the switch) soon when I get time to clean it up.

Couple of interesting notes versus previous gen GE dimmer -

  1. Can't reverse the paddle direction any more
  2. Supports double tap in hardware
  3. Supports triple tap in hardware
  • But only via central scene notifications, so not as fast as single/double tap and can only be done from the physical paddle. You can't trigger triple tap digitally from the HE side, you can only receive notification that it happened in HE. So not sure how useful that actually is.
  1. Supports defining turn-on brightness level via zwave parameter
  2. Supports min/max brightness (min brightness could be useful for LEDs that don't turn on below X voltage).


What kind of scene controllers? Is there any info/pics out there?


They haven't released any info yet, I wish that I had snapped some pics. I will call the contact I have there and bug them a little.