New gateway / router - A success story

I just had to replace my AT&T router with a "new" one. They upgraded by 2011 router with a 2014 router. I decided to be very careful knowing the issues I had in the past. I have lights, switches, fans, thermostats, speakers, doorbells all on wifi and was successful. Process was simple and took ~ 1/2 hour.

  • gather the WiFi SSID, Password, Security, and Encryption methods from the existing router.
  • replace the router per the instructions provided.
  • log onto the new router and go to page for wifi configuration
  • program the wifi channels on the new router to have the same SSID, Password, Security, and Encryption method as the old router.
  • save changes (as necessary).
  • go to the status page and look for the hubitat in active device. The IP address here is the new hubitat IP address.
  • wait. All devices should reconnect to internet w/o intervention (mine did).
  • check all devices. Chances are at least one will not carry over for some reason. Correct these before proceeding.
  • in Hubitat, update IP addresses either manually (static IP address devices) or automatically by running the installation app (forcing discovery and IP update).
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