New Device On Client Not Showing Up On Server - HubConnect

I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but I can't figure out what it might be.

I have added a contact sensor to my client hub. My hubs are linked with HubConnect. I am able to see the other previously added client devices on my server. However, my new device shows up on the client but not the server. On the client, I have selected the newly added sensor to be synchronized to the server hub from within HubConnect. What am I missing?

Pretty sure the problem is that I need to install the HubConnect driver for this sensor. This sensor will report battery level and temperature and I imagine contact state as well. I'd like to have a set of tiles in a Dashboard displaying each of these. Which of the listed drivers do I install to get these? The "multipurpose sensor"?

This is the sensor...

I have a bunch of these, and they seem to work well with the HubbConnect Contact Sensor driver on my server hub. Not the most dependable sensor, but to me they where sure cheap. (cost of a battery)

Everytime you select another device to be 'mirrored' you'll see a screen similar to this:

There at the bottom is the list of HubConnect Universal drivers that MUST be installed on the opposite Hub. If you forget, the virtual device doesn't get created. You can recover by adding the Universal Driver(s) and then going into the selection of devices page.. don't need to do anything but click Done and you'll see that page above. Click Done another two times and 'this hub' will tell 'that hub' to build the full list of devices... 'that hub' will skip all existing, and build any missing. Should be good to go then. :slight_smile:

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I get the following message when I attempt to save the URL for the sensor driver....

Cannot get property 'parent' on null object

Not sure what I was doing wrong as I am certain I copied the entire driver URL and pasted it into the IMPORT field but I kept getting the message noted above. I went back to a thread you had commented on a week or so ago where you have posted all the URL's for the various drivers. I copied THAT URL and pasted it in and it worked fine.

Can't really explain it but there it is. Thanks for the help. I'll just have to remember that I will need to go through that process anytime I add a new device. Note to self.

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Note that Hubitat only imports what GitHub calls "RAW". Every github import URL will begin with:

raw . github user content

If you try and use the "pretty page" URL, it won't work. Or any other page, as far as that goes :slight_smile:

All HubConnect Import URLs

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@srwhite just teased the end of my wonderful list :frowning: v1.5 will have the github URLs right there on the list of required drivers.

[RELEASE] HubConnect - Share Devices across Multiple Hubs (even SmartThings!)

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For grins, I had just compared the 2 URL's before your post above. Yep. That was it. If there was a reference to needing the URL for the RAW flavor, I missed it. I kept copying what you refer to as the "pretty page URL". That's why the URL from your post the other day solved my dilemma. The needed driver has been installed and the device is now present on the server and is represented in the Dashboard.

Thanks again.