New Device -> Dashboard

Good morning.

No idea the complexity of doing it and/or adding the ability to toggle it on/off but after using Hubitat for a bit now and ST prior there’s one thing that really drives me nuts.

Once you have a bunch of dashboards created you have to go in and add a new device individually to each dashboard.

Would it be possible to ask a user when completing the device discovery process if they would like to add the new device to a dashboard and if yes provide a checkbox list of dashboards to choose which ones to add it to?

I realize the dashboards are a separate “app” but the app and the device list obviously communicates somehow. If not when you add a device then maybe upon opening the Dashboard app you get a list of new devices and can go and select the ones you want to add and then to which dashboards without having to enter each dashboard and go through the authorize devices process.

I personally would really prefer to have the option to do it when adding a device.

Just a thought. Thanks!