New Device Category - Television


Would it be possible to create a new category for televisions? I added my TCL TV and exported it to Alexa app so that I can turn it on/off. However, since there is not Television category, it is treated like a typical switch. If we had the ability to either categorize the device as TV, or in the Alexa app, to define Switches to export as Televisions, then in Alexa we could simply say to turn off the TV, and it will find the device of type TV on the current echo device, and turn on/off that device, w/o having to explicitly identify the device by exact name. Much like we can do with 'Alex turn on (off) the lights" and alexa turns on (off) all the lights associated to that device. By exporting them as Televisions, we would also see the TV icon next to them, instead of a light bulb/switch.


As a work around..
I have created a 'group' in the alexa app and named it TV
Then added the switch to this group
I can just say 'Alexa turn on/off the TV'
Works for me!



I have a bunch of work-arounds, The problem is, none of them allow this when you have four TVs. You cannot create two devices or two groups with the same name. And even if you could, device names take precedence over context awareness -- so from the office, if I ask exa to turn off the TV, it may try turning off the wrong TV. The proper way (and only way I have been able to make this work) is to assign televisions the TV type. And making sure no device nor scene is called TV. Then you can say to turn off the TV, and it will turn off all the TVs associated with that echo product.

Maybe I am a bit unique, but I have an echo device in every room, and associate only the devices for that room to the room’s echo, so I can control devices by type, not just name.


Thats the proper way...
By the way Same applies to Google assistant


Thats the proper way...