New Dashboard Color Selector

The latest Hubitat version includes a new color selector that includes individual R, G, and B selection capability. GREAT. However, this raises a question on the Capabilities.


  • Is there an intent to modify the capability "Color Control" to include R, G, and B commands in the future (and therefore, modify existing drivers to include these additional commands)?
  • Or is the intent to have the dashboard app do the conversion between the RGB and HSL methods now and in the future?

There is no plans to change the color control capability.

HTML has 2 primary color input methods, Hex and RGB. RGB is easier for most to understand, so the visual inputs on Dashboard use RGB to make it more tap friendly.

Dashboard has always done the color conversion. This is not a change.


@patrick I seem to be having a issue with the new colour selector. I accidentally ran my fingers over it when I was going to send a off. Now my light has gone Haywire going though hundreds of colours none stop and I can't stop it! The light in question is a group so not sure if that is connected?

Wait after about 10 mins or that fact that I closed down the app not sure which one did it it has finally stopped :thinking:

Yes. There will be a fix for throttling the change speed. As it's trying to update in real time.

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