New Dashboard 2.07

Tried to add new Dashboard, Got the board added went to add tiles worked ok. Tried to change a title and ask if I was sure (yes) or (no) locks up on me. I'm still a newbie maybe I'm doing something in wrong order.

Please provide more information. What browser, OS and Hubitat Platform version?

There is no option to change a title that would prompt yes or no. So if you can take screenshots that would help as well.

Please try to be as specific as possible and let me know if you can repeat the issue and if so, steps to repeat help as well.

There was an annoying thing in the last dashboard version, and it persists in the new version also: why are the icons always off center? The red rectangle and white arrow are an image file. The icon I select to be over it is always off center:


Browser is Microsoft Edge
Windows 10

Clicked on tile already loaded wanted to delete one of them. Wanted to delete 3rd tile top from left. It is colored Blue clicked on it then hit delete tile then locks up. Could not load screen shot at this time.

@patrick ,

Did something change in capability "Pushable Button" in the current release (did not see in notes). My code below worked until the update. After the update, failed with an error.

To fix, I added the line:

  • pushed = pushed.toInteger()

Original code segment:

def push(pushed) {
	logDebug("push: button = ${pushed}, triggered = ${state.triggered}")
	sendEvent(name: "pushed", value: pushed)
	switch(pushed) {
		case 0 :

Not to my knowledge, maybe @mike.maxwell has some insight.

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nope, no changes there

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Please check the f12 developer console for errors. Since Microsoft has decided to abandon the current Edge browser and until they roll out their announced Chromium based version, we will not be offering support for Edge. I recommend Chrome or Firefox and see if you can reproduce the issue there.

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I'm using the Onkyo driver on my Pioneer nc-50dab (it seems many new Pioneer devices does'nt work otherwise) . Everything is ok in the app panel. I can modify volume set, switch it on/off and so on. Unfortunately in the dashboard the volume slider does'nt work. Is the tile supposed to act also as switch (on/off)?

Does the device details for the driver have a volume attribute?

Also no, the volume tile is just for volume. You can always try the dimmer template and see if that controls it.

The template is Music Player and the device has attribute volume. The volume level text is correct. The slider seems not to change it correctly.

@patrick any advice about the (volume?) slider in the Music Player Tile?

Haven't had a chance to look at it. Are you running the latest? This is posted in an old thread referencing 2.0.7...

Does the volume tile template work?

No, it (volume tile) does'nt. It works only inside he device panel : volume up/down, set value. If I try to use volume both in volume tile or music player tile the device switch off (this is new since the 2.0.7)…