New community Discord server

I created a new community discord server for Hubitat to help users troubleshoot issues, or just hang out with the community as it grows.

You can download discord from here: Download Discord to Talk, Chat, and Hang Out

Here is the link to the server invite:


I'm not a Discorder. How is this different than what we have here?

Discord is a real-time chat app with the ability to do screenshares so you can get help from someone willing to assist while looking at your screen and seeing what you're seeing rather than just screenshots.
Obviously have to be careful with what you're showing/sharing, but it will allow trusted groups to work together on integrations or concepts with voice and video chat.
For example, working on an API for a new product integration and want to show someone live what you can control and what isn't working? You can do that with Discord.


Got it. Thanks.

Is this official? It will be great to have the same sections that we have in this forum.
Also, it will be awesome to create channels for no-english speakers. Supporting folks like

Also I am not sure this is searchable, I was creating a discord community for hubitat and I realize this was exist via this message but I wasn't able to find the community via discord search.

Thanks for create the community.

It's not official but I made the Hubitat staff admins on the discord server with an open invitation to add other staff as requested. I can add other sections on the server just let me know what you want.

Hey, thanks!!!

When I was creating my version I was thinking in replicate this community (not the sublevels only top levels)
And international channels (Voice and text) Maybe you can start with the Spanish version. And create another channel for languages requests.

And in the future, a bot that creates notifications in the channels with new posts from this community. (I have no idea how to do it right now :slight_smile: )

I have taken a brief look at this in the past. If you setup an App registration on your profile in the Community, you can then make HTTP calls to get back JSON, essentially the same as what drives the display of the Community in the web. From that you can current notifications for your profile.

You can get some stuff without the API key from memory, it's the stuff specific to your profile that needs the key.

ok! I'll give it a whirl. All my gamer friends (I am not a gamer) are on discord... will give me an excuse to see what it's all about.

I can't claim to be a gamer anymore, but the software with my SteelSeries mousepad has integrations with Discord to show lighting effects when you get notifications, etc. Can't say I've used it, just that I saw it can hook into it. Not sure how useful it would be, but hey not everything we do has to be useful, does it...? :grin:

Me neither... it might get a little more activity if it were public...? Not sure if there is a downside. I guess we may attract the hoi polloi but somehow I doubt if that would be a serious issue :slight_smile:

I don't have a real feel for the scope of the home automation user base but I would imagine that it's already pretty small to start with and even smaller for those that would want to use Discord over just posting on the forum. Most of my friends can barely work a computer much less automate their home so I doubt it's an issue.