New code (maybe?) seems to have a delay in time form motion to turning on lights

So I have a few lights in my home setup to turnoff, set level and then turn off after a set amount of time.
I was doing this with the motion and mode app as it worked perfectly. After doing the latest update, I noticed (they may not be related) that while my sensor shows activity, the lights dont seem to turn on or if they do, there s a long delay, albeit 5-6 seconds but when you enter a dark room that can see like forever. :slight_smile:

Has anyone else noticed this? I moved to using Rule Machine as a way to test if it was simply the other app, it looked like it worked ok for a couple of days but now it is still acting sluggish.

Where would I look to see if there is a root cause for the issue?
Sample rule attached.

I've not noticed that issue... what kind of devices are your motion sensor and light dimmer? If zwave can you post your zwave details page?

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My dimmers are all HomeSeer switches, my motion sensors are Aeotec TriSensors.
Z-Wave details attached,

Turn on logging for the app and the device (just text logging, not debug). From this you can get a better handle on what's going on. My guess would be that you may have a Z-Wave mesh issue slowing things down. A single bad device can do this.

Your z-wave mesh has 13 ghosts. These will introduce all sorts of network anomalities, like the delays you've seen. You need to remove the ghosts first.


As @aaiyar said, Zuul has inhabited your mesh. Ghosts can be introduced by a failed or partial inclusion. I make it a habit after adding zwave devices to check and make sure I'm spirit-free. It's a lot easier to deal with them immediately than after the fact.

The trick to getting rid of them is to make sure whatever device they are ghosts of is disconnected from power and cannot respond to the hub before clicking "remove." Otherwise the hub will think it's still alive and will not remove it. If the ghost was introduced during a failed inclusion, the next device in the list may be the "real" version of the device.

Once you get rid of your ghosts give your network a chance to get itself together, so to speak. This can take a bit so if you don't see an immediate improvement give it 24 hours and see what it looks like.


Which ones would the ghosts? As far as I see in that list they are all real actual devices I am using.

Generally speaking the ones to be concerned about are the ones without routes. In some cases if you have a sensor that doesn't phone home periodically or is on the edge of your network it can show up without a route but when the device generates an event you should see the route information update (though not in real time). I have a contact sensor on a shed door that does this from time to time. It looks like a ghost but is, in fact, still working and does not appear to be affecting things.

One other thing you could try is to gracefully power down your hub, disconnect power from it for a few min (at the wall end), and power it back up. I've seen a bunch of devices lose their routes (usually after a power outage) and this resolves it. It won't fix a real ghost but it wouldn't hurt.


@robert2, exactly what @brad5 said. Anyway this is the list of devices without routes:

0x08, 0x10, 0x11, 0x12 0x16, 0x17, 0x22, 0x25, 0x26, 0x2B, 0x37, 0x39, 0x3A

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Thanks, but all of those devices do actually exist and work fine.
I will try the power off sequence that Brad mentioned to see if it helps.

I removed there Wave extender listed there as a ghost, it was an old repeater I had from a few years ago, at this point it is serving no real purpose.

The reboot did the trick on all but two devices, those two devices are not plugged in right now so that makes sense there is no route, I will keep an eye on it and see how it goes.


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It is probably better to leave devices plugged in when they are usused. Or exclude them when they are unused and then unplug them.

While it is true that z-wave+ devices in your mesh will find new routes when a device used as a repeater is removed, I don't think that is true for z-wave devices. So on meshes like mine, which have a large number of z-wave devices, sudden removal of one or more repeaters is disruptive.


I have plugged them all back in even if they aren't being used until the winter, I noticed it was a problem that the routes just kept increasing with them all unplugged.