New C8 Hubitat Z-Wave VERY slow

I replaced by C7 with C8.
C7 used to be Hubitat <--> Homebridge <--> Homekit
C8 I have set up with the new Hubitat <--> Homekit integration

At first I noticed that controlling my Z-Wave devices from HomeKit was VERY slow. 3-30 seconds.
I later tested out and noticed that it is also that slow controlling them from Hubitat UI directly.

I did use cloud migration to move all my Z-Wave and ZigBee devices over from C7.

any advise to speed up operations again? With my C7 it used to be instantaneous always < 1 second.

I would start here:

The C8 was set up over 2-3 weeks ago. Plenty of time for the Z-Wave mesh to โ€œsettleโ€?

Iโ€™ve tried reboots of the hub. The hub is on latest firmware/software.

I tried running Z-Wave repair network several times. Weeks apart.

All these devices used to be directly connected to my old C7. And for some odd reason are all going through one point?

I used to have zwave poller on my old C7 hub too. Which I have uninstalled in my C8 to see if that would help. No improvements.

I also used to even have S0 device on my old C7. And everything was fine. The S0 device has been removed now with the C8, and still very slow.

Is your old hub still on? For giggles shut down your hub, unplug power for 5 mins and power back up. See how it behaves then.

In addition to all of the above suggestions, could you please post a screenshot of your zwave details, with all your zwave devices?
Perhaps we may see an issue with one device, or perhaps a zwave ghost, or something else.

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I did post that. please take a look at my second post above.

No, Old hub is out of town at this point :rofl: I will try unplug cycle for 5 mins on the C8.

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Is this problem limited to only Z-Wave? Is it possible you're dealing with a general hub problem and happen to be using mostly or exclusively Z-Wave devices and notice it there for that reason? Asking because in this case, there are other places you could look for culprits. I'd start by checking a few things in Logs, including app and device stats (for anything that seems oddly high) or logs themselves (e.g., if you have lots of error entries).

You could also rule out a fixable database problem by doing a soft reset and restore โ€” a safe process (as long as you follow the directions and don't do anything else, like reset your radios) that can help clean things up if this is the cause.

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How long had your hub been up and running at the time this screenshot was taken? Even though the signal strength is high, the devices have a fairly high number of route changes.

ZigBee network was not running slow, it was just the Zwave.

The hub had been running for 2-3 weeks straight.
But actually the screenshot was after 1-2 days after an unexpected power outage.

Wow! I guess the 5 min shutdown did the trick for now. All zwave responses are within 1 second now. Thank you all for chiming in and trying to help! :slight_smile:

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Put your hub on a UPS.

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