New C8 Hub - won't respond after DB restore

My C4 died earlier this week, so I replaced it with a C8. New hub set up properly in a few minutes. Seemed to be working OK

Then, I tried to restore my last backup from the C4 so I could start rebuilding my automation. That seemed to work and I got a message that said "hub rebooting". That was about an hour ago.

If I try to access the hub, I get the "getting started" screen but there is a green swirl that just keeps running around in a circle. Hub is otherwise unresponsive

I don't want to mis-step here and break something. Any recommendations for next step?

Go to yourhub:8081 and do a soft reset. Try the restore again. If it doesn't work again, setup the hub as new, register it then update it to the latest platform, THEN do the restore. Be aware. Your local backup doesn't backup the radios so you will have to re pair everything. Zigbee will slot back into they're old spots though.


Thanks. That soft reset seemed to get everything back on the right track.

You are correct that all the Z-Wave devices had to be re-paired, Fortunately, most were the GE Enbright switches so it's very easy