New C8 how do I turn off WiFi?

Any way to disable the WiFi in the new C8 hubs? My C8 is hard wired, I don't use WiFi for automation, and not interested in any further WiFi traffic noise.

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IIRC, I read in a post from @bcopeland that the wifi will turn itself off if you don't use it.

i just checked with netspot and i dont see a wifi broadcasting from my hub, are you sure it is the hub, or how long has it been up..

@bcopeland will the wifi broadcast temporarly everytime you reboot the hub or once configured is it off permanently becuase i had an issue with the ecowitt wifi gateway doing that and blasting so loud my router disabled its 2.4ghz wifi?


I believe Unifi will show present AND past WiFi networks. Just open up more data shown on the plus sign, below the chart, and you might see dates from a few days ago, so maybe what you are seeing is just a WiFi signal that is not there anymore

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No.. Once up and running on ethernet it should not come back up unless you do the reset on the bottom of the hub..


Right on. The WiFi no longer shows now. Thanks for your time.

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I have my C8 connected to Ethernet and just had it join my WiFi network. Looks like it's connected to both simultaneously. How do I set it up to use WiFi only when Ethernet is disconnected (for backup network connection)? When I click the "Disconnect Wi-Fi" button, it looks like it completely forgets the WiFi password. How do I get it to re-connect after Ethernet goes away?

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There is no built in fail-over mode. It is designed to be one or the other (or both at once I guess).

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Thanks. Bummer.