New C8 crooked antennas

One is strait up and down the other is canted.

Sincere question - is this an aesthetic concern, question about whether it is normal, fear of damage, or something completely different?

I anticipate that the antenna manufacturer probably has some spec for dimension (+/- 5 degrees or such).

It just needs more stimulation.... :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

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I am wondering if the socket is correctly soldered to the motherboard that might create a performance problem.

swap the two.. that will tell you if it is the socket or the antenna itself.


For sure its the socket.

If you move the hub away from the tan surface can the two antenna's be "vertical"? Is your hub body square to the tan surface?
Is it a requirement that the antennae be perfectly square to the body edges?

Yes it is that the best angle I could get for a pic. In person it is VERY noticable but hard to take a picture of. @gopher.ny

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