New C-8 unregistered itself from my account, Time Set Correctly, Rebooted several times

I just got a new C-8 and swapped it out for my C-7 using the cloud backup method. The problem is that the C-8 is now missing from the My Account > Registered Hubs page.

The other issue is that my Remote Access subscription that I bought (as the bundle) is not working for EITHER HUB (and hasn't since the day I bought either subscription!). Could the alias name in my email address ("+hubitat@") be causing the subscriptions not to show up? [EDIT: YES! a "+" character in the email address is not ok! Use an email address without that character for best results] The buttons on the Add a Subscription page have never showed as green. I click on Protect, and that shows the subscription is already attached, but the Remote does not when I click on it, and the app on my phone just immediately prompts me to pay if I click "Connect to Hub". I can't change the email address, nor can I change the admin account for either hub.

How do I get this new hub re-registered? It's not responding to commands from other devices on the mesh network randomly either now, and I've rebooted it, soft and full power down, several times AND checked that the local time is correct.

I should clarify it has worked for 2 days before this issue and WAS showing up on my account (with the older one) after I set it up. So it was there.

It sounds like it's not getting to the internet. Did you set a static ip on the hub itself?

I did, and it's responding on the correct IP address locally. I've changed my DHCP on my router so I probably don't need it to be static anymore. I'll try removing the assignment on the hub itself (can't hurt).

Having both can cause a problem though likely it's a DNS issue. Press the network reset button on the bottom of the hub with a toothpick or paperclip for 7 seconds (the only round hole out of all the square ones). When it comes back up do a check for updates in settings and then check to see if you see the hub

I can log into the hub just fine from LAN, so I'll manually clear the settings through the interface instead of the button.

I've found that doesn't always stay... Thats why I always recommend the button. Full network settings flush back to DHCP

Looks like it might have been DNS. It took the DHCP setting change, but I had to override the DNS to point to the gateway rather than my PiHole (which is usually where everything gets sent by default), so unless I can sniff out what sites it's trying to hit to whitelist them in the PiHole I'll just leave it like that for now.

The Remote Admin subscription I bought in the bundle though is still broken for both hubs (and yes I have a separate sub for each hub, the FAQ explicitly mentions that subs are not transferable between hubs unless you're doing an warranty replacement, which they will do for you when they send out the new hub).

Remote Admin is one subscription for all hubs on the account, so it should work for all hubs registered to your email address. There is no issue of “transferability” for Remote Admin.

So, should I ask for a refund for part of the the second bundle that I bought that includes both Remote Admin and Protect if the Remote Admin can be used for both hubs?

Also, I just PROVED that the "+" in the email address was causing a problem. I registered a new guest account without a "+" in it, then changed the Admin to that new user, and suddenly Remote started working! So lesson for ya, don't use an "aliased" email address, just a regular one!