New C-7 Hub LED Not Turning On

Hello all -

New to the Hubitat family. I excitedly got my new C7 device but it doesn't even turn on. LED light does not turn on at all.

I did confirm that the USB charger works since I was testing other devices using the charger. Do I submit a warranty ticket? Any other options I can try in the meantime?

Very disappointed that I can't get going!

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Welcome to the community, @user1191. If this is the original charger that came with the hub, and it works for other devices, it sounds like you have a DOA, and a warranty ticket sounds like the only option. Tagging @support.

I agree, that is very frustrating. It is also very rare to get a bad one out of the box like that. They are a solidly manufactured unit. For giggles, change the power wart and the cable just to be sure there isn't anything wrong with that. (Yes I know you tried on other devices but it can't hurt to check that anyway). You can start the process of warranty process with the following link. It's very painless and if you have any questions, tag @bobbyD


Welcome to the forums, too bad it has to be under these circumstances. Official support should be around soon.

The suggestion above to try a different power cord is good. Also do fill out that warranty as jameslslate and rlithgow1 said to do.

I have heard of the LED not working, and the hub was up and running. Did you happen to try and see if you could communicate to the Hubitat? You probably would want the device warrantied anyway, but you could for curiosity sake poke around in the menus and such if the device were functional, but just with a bad LED.

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I just received my C7 hub today, and I have the same issue. The LED does not turn on. I tried powering it with a different USB power supply and cable - still no love. I kept trying to find the device on the network in the event that the LED just wasn't working. No such luck. I have opened a support ticket, but I am very disappointed.


It’s dead, Jim.

Very rare. But it happens. Not to worry. @support_team will take care of you.

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Sucks to win this type of lottery... I've had a few cases over the years of a DOA, so I can truthfully say I've felt your pain.

Good news is when you're up and running we're all here to help you get going ...


Sorry that it happened to you. I can understand the disappointment. Mind sharing if you purchased the hub from our store or Amazon? Every hub that leaves our facility is powering on at the time of shipment. In very rare cases, unfortunate events happen before the hub reaches its destination.

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Thanks, I work in electronic sales so I understand, it happens. Just disappointing when you set aside Sunday to write automations. Oh well.

Off course!

Perhaps you can enjoy an NFL Sunday?

I purchased it through your store, but it was fulfilled by Amazon and looks like it came out of an Amazon warehouse.

And thank you for the quick reply. It does make me feel better to know that the company and community really care.

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Or go play in the mountains. It's supposed to be a beautiful fall day here in Colorado.

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It'll be another hot and muggy day here in Louisiana. So watching football is a good escape from the heat and humidity.

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For sure! While you're waiting for your hub, if you like, you can personalize your community username to something else.


I was thinking user2496 sounds pretty cool. :wink:

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Just a quick update, Hubitat sent me a replacement C7 that I received today. I plugged it in and it works like a charm. I'm now playing with sensors and rules. Great fun!

Thanks, everybody, for your words of encouragement. I'm now happy to be a Hubitat newbie!


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