New AU user - App won't accept postcode

Can anyone help me please?

I've just got hubitat. I've plugged in. I've downloaded app. The app picked up my hubitat hub, and asked me to provide a user name and postcode.

Well, looks like it won't accept a postcode and I can't log into App.

Any advice would be appreciated

Thank you

It’s been several years since I loaded the App on my phone but here’s a couple of questions:

  1. what mobile device are you using
  2. Have you confirmed the location data on your HE hub is correct ?
  3. Sure it asked for Post code and not Pass Code :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I'm in the UK and on initial setup I'm afraid it doesn't seem to like the postcode.
Not to worry, just ignore it.
Just drag the 'red pointer' to your location and save it or alternatively manually input the long and lat settings.
In the time zone select yours and make sure the sunset and sunrise times are correct.
You should then be good to go.

I'm in UK to
Think I just add on character at a time till it took
Eg letter letter number