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I live in the Dominican Republic and i am looking into Hubitat as a good option. Unfortunately here in my country we get few or none existing products that we can buy directly from the store.
Meaning all we have to buy is from Amazon or any other online store.
What i would love is to get recommendation of what and where to purchase for my home.
Right now we are having a Hard time to make a decision regarding light switch. In our house we have many 3 gang switches, and what we did was to buy a 3 gang switch from amazon but it works on Wifi. Amazon Link
I read somewhere that is not a good option to have many wifi devices conected, but i have no luck finding any other switch that could work on Zebee o Z wave.
Please help us


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There are actually a lot of options available to you. If you don't mind the cost, you could use the Lutron Caesta line of switches and remotes. The first thing you will need is the bridge:

After that, you can go with your choice of switches and remotes. In a 3 gang configuration, you don't need to buy a 3 gang switch, you can go with individual switches side-by-side.

You could also go with Zooz switches (which are also highly recommended in the community):

Then, there are cheaper options like the GE/Jasco line of switches, however, I typically stay away from them if possible as they can sometimes be hit or miss in terms of performance and pairing.

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Something else to consider BEFORE buying a hub is what zwave frequency your country uses. This will then dictate what hub to order and what zwave devices are available to you.
Zigbee frequency is global so you don't need to worry about that.

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I completely forgot about that (I rarely use Z-Wave).

For reference, the Dominican Republic Z-Wave frequencies are 919.8 MHz and 921.4 MHz.

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If you own the house relays are a great option too. That way you can use your existing switchs, important if you are into aestetic and design in your home.

Thanks for your anwers. I just order the hubitat and some realys will let you know how it works out.
Thanks again.

does somebody knows if this relays work with hubitat?

ENERWAVE Z-Wave Plus Dual Relay Switch Module, Z-Wave Relay, Hidden Smart Switch, In-Wall Micro Switch, NEUTRAL WIRE REQUIRED, ZWN-RSM2-PLUS, Black (New Version)

And what is your experience ?

I don't see it on the "official" list:

I have used two of those, using a community created driver and they worked for a while, about 6-9 months. They came over from ST and the community driver used Custom Commands to individually control the 'channels'. I had them in a WC light + fan usage, and I think perhaps the fan (motor) eventually killed them. I replaced them (as they died) with Qubino's version and they are now past the 6 month mark and still working.

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