New app not showing Iris motion sensors

Downloaded the new app today and my Iris 3326-L motion sensors are not showing up under the Devices tab, but gives Notifications of motion, which is strange. Sensors are still showing up under Devices in the old interface and of course are linked to my C7 hub. Is this intended or a bug in the new app?

Not strange--the "Devices" tab in the current mobile app only supports certain devices, generally ones that are controllable (so not sensors), at the moment.

The v1 app? Definitely not--this only supported lights and switches.

If you mean "Devices" on the hub interface itself, that's normal. That's the authoritative source of all devices on your hub, and it's also part of the current (not "old") interface. It's just not great for day-to-day control (though it works), more for administration.

In the meantime, you can put just about any device on a dashboard and easily access it from the Dashboards tab on any version of the mobile app.

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The "V1" app didn't have a "Devices" tab, per se, only a tab called "Lights/Switches", so I wasn't expecting anything other than lights and switches there, always went through the "Connect to Hub" link into the (sorta) online interface. I guess that's on the hub itself. The "new" app that I installed today actually has a tab called "Devices" and I was hoping to have Motion Sensors showing up there. Perhaps someone would consider adding them in a future release. I click on sensors often to check temperature in different buildings, especially this week, when it's triple digits on the West Coast. The new app is still an improvement, has a refreshed modern feel, so I'll be looking forward to further future updates and new features. Hubitat rocks! FTW!


I created a new dashboard for just motion sensors. It’s very easy with the new dashboard app. If you biggysize the boxes, you can see motion and temp at a glance.


It actually did at one point. :smiley: It was eventually renamed to "Lights/Switches" to reflect the limited set of devices it could display. The v2 app has a much wider variety, though, as you see, still not every type of device. (It is new and this may continue changing.)

Yes, that takes you to the web interface for your hub. IMHO, it's much easier to use on a desktop/laptop or even tablet, though it certainly works on a phone too (maybe a little better in a regular browser without the extra stuff in the borders the app puts there). You can use on any computer on your local network to discover your hub's IP address and easily connect that way if you are not sure.

In the meantime, dashboards can show almost any device (especially Hubitat Dashboard, but Easy Dashboard is, well, easier to set up and works fine for common device types like motion sensors -- and either will probably always be more customizable than the Devices tab). Glad you found something that works!

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