New App for iPhone drains battery

Loaded new Hubitat app for iPhone on July 2, 2024 and enabled geofencing (alway active, as required by app).
iPhone 14 now burns battery at rate of 5-7% per hour. Phone HOT!
Had to disable geofence.
Please address fix. Thanks


On the new app it has my location wrong (about a mile) and I can't fix it.
The old app works fine.

Same here.. Press and hold pin and drag it to your home location. That worked for me.

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After opening the app this morning to turn up the heat, the app background use spiked and stayed there till I noticed my phone running hot and the battery drained to 67% about an hour later. After killing Hubitat, my phone cooled down and returned to normal running.

Iā€™m on an iPhone 15 Pro running iOS 18 Beta 2. No other apps have done this.

This has happened to me several days in a row, at random times after using the Hubitat app.

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Same issue, Iphone 15 pro max.

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This was true for me as well. New app thought my home location was about half a mile away, had presence wrong until I figured out how to move it.