New App Features in 2.2.8

Ha, sure. But now it's Predicate truth, right? And, it gets displayed when its false.

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FWIW, I took the advice when RM 3.0 was retiring and created "Master" triggers/rules/triggered rules/etc and have ever since created a RM 3.0 clone for any
new rule I created as I personally liked it better than the new 4.0 and 4.1. I'm glad to see these (in a slight way) return and happy to play around with the new 5.0.

Almost an implementation of a state machine @jwetzel1492

Nice feature. Any way to make the list of grandchildren collapsable? Imagine several 6 button seeTouch keypads or even a 100 button Main Repeater. That's manageable in the old button controller, but now the whole list shows up on the main Apps page.

It is collapsable.



Thanks, I missed it.

Predicates on button controller button events would be nice. So, when button is pressed, perform actions 1-3 based on the state of a device.

This would be good for enabling a fan speed controller from a button controller. Press up, increment the speed, press down, decrement the speed, and be able to avoid all the conditionals to make it happen. Anxious to start playing with the new apps.


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Love the ability to add comments to rules. :grinning:


@bravenel I have found an issue with variable comparison in Rule Machine 5.
Selecting the second variable from the dropdown also changes the first variable to the same.

Fixed in

@bravenel noticed that hub variable connectors have a new command - parse. It doesn’t take a parameter so I’m assuming that it is doing something with an internal value which makes me curious as to what. Any chance of satisfying my curiosity? :upside_down_face:


@bravenel There seems to be an issue with variable connectors.
Running the following rule I would expect the switch to end up in an off state, it does not.

Fixed in

BTW, is there a better place to report issues?

Update: parse does fix the issue, is this how it's meant to be used?
@thebearmay parse seems to sync the variable and connector.


Obviously a bug -- will look into it. Thanks.


This is the means by which the hub sets the connector when the variable changes.

I will look into it. Thanks.

parse() on a connector is not intended to be used by rules...


I looked through this thread and didn't see that before. I just posted a thread describing the same thing. I see this as well


@bravenel to clarify, after 2.2.9 update, my rule 4.0s and 4.1s will continue to work, but I will need to make all new rules in rule 5.0. Also, after 2.2.9, will I be able to edit existing rule 4.0s and 4.1s without converting them to rule 5.0s?

Correct, old rules will still work. They can still be edited, cloned, exported, etc. New rules will have to be 5.0 (but, you could always clone an old rule to make a new one, especially if you keep an empty rule around just to be the clone mother). There won't be any need to convert an old rule to a new one.


Sorry, if this should be obvious, but will RM5.0 and RM4.1 be separate entities as Built-in Apps that will both need to be installed or is there still just a singular RM app (RM5.0) that allows you to to choose between creating 4.1 or 5.0 rules?

There are two parent apps: Rule Machine Legacy (creates Rule-4.1 rules), and Rule Machine (creates Rule 5.0 rules). You don't need both.