New Android App stuck at Saving Selecting Hub

Opened the app this morning to try again, and things are not one more step along. But I can't see anything on the devices or dashboard tabs...

Try clearing data on the app (or you can uninstall/reinstall) and start over again to see if that clears up the issue.

Same issue here, tried clearing app storage and cache, then uninstalling and reinstalling. Same result on both Pixel 7/Android 14 and Samsung S8 tablet.

I should mention, from the first page I can get to "Connect to Hub", which brings up a web page version of the hub.

But when I tap on "Dashboards" on the toolbar at the bottom of the app I get this

There are issues w/dashboard display that are being worked on, an updated release is WIP...

I finally gave up on the new mobile app, cleared cache on it, deleted data, then uninstalled it, then restarted my phone. Did the same on my S8 tablet. Installed the old mobile app on both devices and logged in, selected the mobile device that was created previously, and tested. The old app is working fine on my S8, and can receive notifications. The old app on my Pixel7 cannot receive any notifications. I've tried the "delete data, clear cache, uninstall, restart, reinstall" process a couple of times, still no notifications. When I view my Pixel7 device on my hub device list, it shows that a notification was sent to the device, but the notification never arrives. I've turn the app notification switch off and on in Android settings numerous times, didn't help. When I select Notifications in the app to show the last 20 notifications, I get a spinning cursor forever. Pretty frustrated, if I can't get notifications, my hub isn't doing me any good. How did the new app break the old app on my phone?

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Just tried new app for first time and also stuck on saving device. Not even going to try debugging. It's not ready for release.

A key reason for the current release while the original app is also still available is to identify and sort out the fixes for edge cases like this one that affect a small % of users. Home networking/HA environments can vary significantly, and there is no way to find some of the unusual issues in a beta, so you have to have a wider release like this one. Keeping the original app at the same time provides a fall-back so no one is blocked from having mobile app access.

If you don't want to be involved in that troubleshooting process feel free to wait on the sidelines and continue w/the original app for now, no harm, no foul. :slight_smile:

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