New and confused - Can the hub accommodate multiple users?

I'm new to the hub and so far have been quite impressed with the overall capabilities of this hub. However, I've now come across a task that I can't seem to figure out how to do. I'm trying to add my roommate as a second user so he can have control of the devices through the app and/or the portal since, well, he does live here too. But, I don't want him to have access to the hub's settings or security. As it stands currently, he's able to operate the devices through the portal AND has a free-for-all access to the hub's settings, if I don't enable the security login option. But, when I enabled the security login, it completely locked him out where he can't even access the dashboard. Is there a way to resolve this where I can add another user while still maintaining the security of the hub? Maybe just a standard user role and NOT an Administrator role? Thanks for taking the time ... and any legitimate help would be greatly appreciated!

For control, what you probably want is to create a Hubitat Dashboard for him (which it sounds like you're already aware of) rather than giving him access to the hub admin UI, which has everything. If you're worried about him finding that, then enabling hub logon security is also part of what you want. If you aren't aware, hub login security is a different username/password than your Hubitat Portal (cloud) account; it's entirely local to the hub.

But the other part is finding a way to give him access to just Dashboard, which you can do with or without hub login security (though the risk above remains if you don't). Two options for that: after you set up a Dashboard, give him the local LAN or cloud link (or both). You can find those links in Apps > Hubitat Dashboard (yourself in the admin UI), then the "child app" for your specific Dashboard. This would work without the Hubitat app at all. If you want to use the Hubitat app (possibly easier for some people, but the former as an icon on the home screen is pretty close), then you'll have to log in to your account in Portal and add him as a "guest user" to your hub. He'll already need an account for this, so he'd to go there and create an account first. Then, he could still use the Hubitat app to get to local or cloud Dashboards.

Hubitat Dashboard isn't the only possible solution here, but it's built-in and pretty easy to share. is another option. The app to set this up is also built-in, but most features will require a subscription on their side. If you have HomeBridge, you could also set up something to share specific devices to him via that, but I'd be worried about having something so "unofficial" as a primary means of control for someone who lives in the same house.

Finally, a different suggestion: many people try to eliminate the need to manually control things whenever possible. For example, if you have smart bulbs, it's obviously a bit of a pain to ask Alexa/Google/Siri to turn then on or off all the time. Motion sensors are a logical choice here (the Hubitat Motion Lighting app will help you get that set up, though you'd probably want to add modes and Mode Manager into the mix to make them behave how you want when you want). However, you could use a button device (Hue Dimmer or Eria Dimmer are switch-looking choices that pair natively to Hubitat; the SmartThings button is cheap; Lutron Picos are really cheap but have a high startup cost with the Bridge) to gain functionality similar to the switch you often lose here. That's just one example and obviously not at all what you're asking, but it's something else you might want to consider, and you'll find a lot of people here who strive for that ("full" automation to the best extent possible rather than manual control). :slight_smile:


Thanks for the speedy response and the thorough resolutions. I will try your suggestions and will update you on the result. Have a great day!

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