New Alexa Devices - no announcements or text to speech

I recently added two new Alexa devices. They were recognized and added to Hubitat without a problem. They work to control everything.

The only issue I've noticed so far is they are not making announcements.

When I go into the "Echo Speaks" app, I click on "managed devices" and I can see all my Alexa Devices. I've attached a screenshot of the new "Kitchen Show" that isn't working, and the "Master Bedroom Dot" which is working. I have another dot that is NOT working, but these were next to each other and made for an easy screenshot to compare them.

When I click on the arrow to manage this device, nothing happens. I've tried to look through the settings on the DEVICE page of the Echo but don't see anything there.

The little icon for all my devices populates correctly, except for the Show and the new Dot, which are represented by question marks (as seen in the attached image).

Something is not done correctly... any ideas?


Nothing? Anyone.. please...

You will likely get a response by posting your question in the official Echo Speaks thread:


Same issue for me....