Network Busy caused by removing 2ndary controller

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Just wanted to report something I noticed this morning. Was looking through the Z-Wave details page as one does on New Years Day and noticed a bathroom light switch routing through my secondary controller (UZB-7) - slowly @ 9.6kbits. Decided to remove the controller and see if the device could reacquire a different/better route. Excluded the stick from HE per normal, went to the Z-Wave details page and ran a repair on the bathroom switch. Started getting Network Busy messages in the logs and the repair timed out / failed on updating neighbors.. in fact a group of switches in the guest bathroom stopped responding all together even though they did not share the same route! Other switches in other areas seemed okay like my den switches. After a shutdown pull power and reboot things came back up and routes were set properly.

My takeaways:

  • Seems like something is still not quite right with device removal and routing... removing a device that repeats other devices can cause serious issues with the mesh so much so that the only solution is a shutdown/pull plug/start up.
  • Leaving a secondary controller connected might not be the best thing to do as devices might decide to route through it.

On a side note - I am starting to worry less about 9.6kbits throughput. I see that on my front door Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor 5 but it seems to work fine and is responsive (others of the same type are showing at least 40 kbits). I guess I've always thought that it was an indicator of poor mesh health and while I still think that's true for devices that repeat, the "edge" stuff maybe not so much - as long as it works reliably.

I've wondered if that speed unit is simply taken from what speed was transmitted/received last rather than being an indicator of what all messages would be transmitted/received.


It’s this I believe...

That makes sense - although the sensor hasn't varied from that speed in quite a while not that I've been monitoring constantly... Also it's not that far away from the hub and the device it's routing through consistently shows 100 kbits.

There is likely some other factor I am not considering about this but at the end of the day as long as it is working...

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