Netatmo support

Would be good to see netatmo support personnely I would like to see the welcome camera but also there is a lot of people use the weather station etc and they have a API for 3rd party software.

So I’ve started a port from ST in this thread. Where I am stuck (because I am a complete noob) is calling the login screen to authenticate the netatmo connection. If I can get help with that then I can publish the devices as well as the app.

So this does exist and the port works.

However (and this is something I hope HE can solve), I believe when the netatmo cloud goes down this causes the refresh call out to the Netatmo devices to spin out of control and crash the system.

I cannot confirm this except to say that every 2-3 days my hub crashes. Automations (Z-Wave and Zigbee) slow down and become nonresponsive. In addition accessing my local IP crawls. All is fixed if I reboot the hub (unfortunately by force).

On a different rant, is there an html command I can send to force reboot the hub?

Anyway, back to my story. I removed all custom drivers and custom apps from HE EXCEPT netatmo and I still had the issue. When I removed netatmo, I went 10 days without an issue. Adding netatmo back resurfaced the issue a few days later.

I really like netatmo as I can do a TON of neat things with the rain gauge so I don’t want to abandon the platform.

Any support someone can lend that would force the integration to behave differently would be appreciated.

God, I hope not!!!! :smile:

It goes without saying that you would have to VPN (or token authenticate).

When the HE hub freezes, unplugging it seems just as bad (if not worse).

I hear ya... But I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you...

I would guess an official answer would be more like: You should do this level of development on a non-production/secondary/development hub. In those cases it doesn't matter how you reboot it, for the most part.

Never hurts to ask, though!!!

So onto the point of the topic. Anyone using Netatmo integration that can think of a way to make it better.

I too share the same request. Does anyone have any info, successes or failures?

Has anyone seen this error within Netatmo.

None of my devices have updated in almost a day, but all other Netatmo integrations work fine.

[app:1734]( 10:02:13.332 am [error]( Cannot get property 'Temperature' on null object on line 606 (updated)

I realize this is an old thread, but I have been trying to integrate fuzzysb’s app and drivers in my Hubitat with limited success.

Thus far it is almost working, I see the results from the queries from my Netatmo weather devices and the resulting temp, humidity, CO2 values, etc. in the logs, however, the currents states are not updated (does not show any values). I am stumped.

Either I am missing a step, I have the wrong version of the code, or it never worked in the first place.

Has anyone had success? And if so, any ideas as to what is wrong? Thanks.

I think this app causes the hub to crash. I would not use it and the developer hasn’t been seen in quite a while.

Well that's not cool. Although basically it's not been really functional, it hasn't caused any issues yet. I am going to take a look at the developer docs and see what I can figure out.

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