Nest Thermo's & Matter in an Apple home

Not sure this is the right category for this one. . .

I mainly use HK as my front end for Hue lights/sensors, and have a Starling hub to get 7 Nest Thermostats in HK for electric baseboard heaters (the lower end Nests). All automations are done with HE, except for heating controls/schedules (done in HK).

A few out of the 7 Nests report to be Matter ready. I presume the others are as well, with an update (maybe?).

The question relates to Matter with the Nests. What can I expect if I try to get the Nests showing Matter capability into HE? I'm not ready yet to spend a whole day or two experimenting and putting things back to where they are now, so I seek some advice from the Matter and Google-shy Nest experienced.

As I contemplate attempting such, I have a Firesign Theater line in my head. . . [Mother's high-pitched voice] "Don't go in there! It's dark and dirty! Wait 'till your father gets home!"

If they're paired as matter already to Homekit, you can just generate a code from the device page there for hubitat. I think it gives basic controls to other Matter controllers. So basically if it's matter in homekit, then the same options will be available to Hubitat.

Right now, only the Nest Thermostat 2020 is one of the Google Nest products that will support Matter. I don't expect the older generations will gain support for it but I could be wrong.

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I moved the thread to the new category dedicated to Matter . Seem that it fits better here :wink:

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I haven't yet turned on Matter in the thermostats. Had no reason until now. The reason now is to put the rest of the automations in HK for the heating into HE, and to monitor the temps through HE.

Funny that - I'm waiting on a HA.Green delivery, that I ordered mostly for the same reason (getting Nest control into HE). Oy!

Thanks. Mine are all hardware v1.4, and all have an option for Linked Matter Apps & Services in their Settings.


Thanks Bobby. :slight_smile:

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Yeah but that would be through cloud and not local :wink:
At least with matter it's kept local

[chuckle] I tend to learn this stuff by doing things backwards, then figuring out what direction forward is. :frowning:

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Know what ya mean...

I have 3rd-gen Nest Learning Thermostat

Well, it was easy after all to install the Nests (2020/v1.4) as Matter devices into HE.

I'm going slow, only did 3 of the 7 right now. Still have the routines for heating working in HK as it was. When done it appears I won't need the Starling Hub for Nest-HK integration any longer, either.

In the end, for me this was mainly to be able to see ALL temperature devices in both HE or HK. It was a pain to see the majority of temperature sensors throughout the house, garage, and crawlspace without the thermostat readings. You know - avoiding the burden of having to open two apps and switch between them for the entire picture [chuckle]? Yea, I know, but it helps. Now that I can rely on temp readings throughout, I can better start to assess various insulation issues that need to be addressed.

Going well as it did, it's been a nice introduction to another protocol. I started with Zigbee devices, and pretty much went with zigbee devices if there was a choice, to date.

I may not be happening, but I'm jazzed all the same. And my wife can exhale now. She's grown quite fond of, and attached to, some of the conveniences devised with her in mind. Phew!


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