Nest Protect devices missing

Logged into my Google account on my iPhone to check out my Nest Protects and discovered they are all missing. Has anyone else seen this and know of a solution?

Missing where?

Sorry - I should have been clearer. This is not a Hubitat issue. That's why it's in the lounge. Missing from the Nest app on iOS 17.1. They all just disappeared.

Figured it was not Hubitat related. It might be a Nest app bug on iOS. Never seen that happen in the Nest app on Android.

Second thought, have you tried to look for them in the Google Home app? They've been trying to bring them over, maybe they pulled the trigger in iOS...

I had that happen a few years ago... Ended up having to reset them all. Was strange. Make sure your home still exists in the app. Could also log out and log back in

Where did you leave them last? /s

(sorry I couldn't help myself :slight_smile: )

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