Nest Integration

Any one know of a clean and simple way to integrate my nest thermostats and the remote sensors? The few i found on this site are rather convoluted. Thus far everything else has be straight forward but the Nest stuff seems a bit out of my range.


Are you using a google account or nest account?

They are both same in my case.

I think what he was getting at was did you upgrade your Nest account to google? It changes the method for integrating if you did.

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So the answer is right now no simple integration. Google shut down their dev access which allowed for such a connection. They are opening things back up again but it remains to be seen what can be done..

I still have the old Nest account so it makes life a bit easier. My setup runs through Homebridge. The HB plugin does handle a Google account as well but there are some really funky things you have to do to get it to work and I'm sure it's more complicated than what you are looking for..

Sorry I wish I could help.. maybe someone here knows more.

Thank you both the response. I guess I ll just wait and see what happens with nest integration. So far i am very happy with hubatat but i am wondering if I should stick with nest or move to another zigbee or Z wave thermostat.

I know you saw some of the other stuff on the site and wrote it off for being too complicated, but just want to throw this one out there in case you haven't seen it yet.

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Yea, this is the integration you use if you upgraded your nest account.

Just to let you know there are no other hardwired smart thermostats but beat. There are some z-wave but they are battery reliant

I use this and it works really good. It is a paid app so be aware. I have Nest, Sensors, and Smoke detectors in my set up.

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