Nest integration (weather)

Hi is anyone else not getting nest updates from the weather DH? mine says its last activity was 2018-09-23 23:49:18 BST

I am confused... I have the Nest integration working fine using Hubitat's native integration. I have Hubitat's native "Weather" Driver running as well. Both a working fine for me. I am confused as to how the two are related? Or is there something else to the Nest integration that I am missing?

The built-in Weather Underground driver does require that you poll/refresh it periodically. I have a RM rule which issues a REFRESH command every 15 minutes to keep it up to date.

Again, sorry if I am missing something as I set up the Nest integration when it first came out and haven't touched it since. I just looked at the Nest App and do not see anything weather related as an option.

The nest integration allows you to select and use nests weather information. if you go to your integration you will see a option to add it. This is the one that is the issue. I didn't know about another Habitat Native "weather" driver. Maybe I should use that?

Edit: scrap that maybe i'm getting confused as i can't find it any more?

where is the

Just add a Virtual Device and select the built-in WeatherUnderground Driver. There is a thread discussing it somewhere. You will need a WU account, which they are no longer giving away for free, I believe.

i think i saw a thread about this :frowning: .

So maybe this thread should be about asking if we can have the nest API weather added to the nest integration, as thats still free :smile:

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@mike.maxwell could weather be added to the Nest integration? Currently I just use the hub link to push it over from ST NST manager but it would be good if it was all here :grinning:.

I mostly use the external illuminance values as weather is always bad here in the UK so don't need anything to tell me :wink: