Nest Integration Simplification

There is a massive thread on Nest integration. I looked through it. Couldn't find the latest code. Seemed like a 404.

Can anyone point me to the latest code?

Is the process similar to LifX?

  • Install the Device Code
  • Create a Virtual Device
  • Then complete the data, such as a login or pin code or API or whatever?

Any advice is much appreciated. I'm coming down the home stretch on my devices. Just Nest thermostat and Nest Protect is left.

Then Modes and automated lights and I'll turn my SmartThings hub off.


Found Jason's stuff on GitHub. The following links are to his home on GitHub, the hubitat related code, apps and drivers, etc.

jason0x43 / hubitat / apps / jason0x43-nest_integration.groovy

jason0x43 / hubitat / drivers / jason0x43-nest_thermostat.groovy

Thanks so Much @MikeH.

I have the virutal device added. I can see a lot of parameters, but I can find no place to connect the account with a pin or whatever, nor instructions on how to do so.

Thanks for any help!

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With the ecobee3, once the Apps Code was installed, I went to Apps and Load New App. I was then able to I_run_ the ecobee App ( Ecobee Suite Manager) and was able to add my Thermostat.

Is there an custom app in addition to a device app I'm not aware of? Or should I have used the code to make this an app instead of a device?


Sorry, I borked one of the links, so you might have installed the wrong code. One of the paths above goes in Drivers Code and one in Apps Code. Double check your installs.

P.S. I've corrected the apps link.

@MikeH - Thanks Mike H. That all makes sense now. Thanks for posting the new link!

I am certainly getting farther, but now a new problem. I am certain I know my email and password to login into my Nest accoun. I'm logged in right now. However, after I put the credentials in the Hubitat app I get here:

I get this:

If only things went smoother! Thanks for your help.

Still unable to get a pin from Nest for the custom Nest app in hubitat.

I am able to log in with my credentials in the app. Then I get to this screen:

I click on the OAuth Authentication and I get a 404 error.

I tried to figure out how to get it in some other fashion - no good.

Any help greatly appreciated. This is one of the last things making me keep my SmartThings alive.


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