Nest Eventstream errors

I’m getting a lot of Nest evenstream errors as of late... I know it’s depreciated for new users but I’m still using it and would prefer to continue to use it myself.

My hub is more responsive and stable now. That is one of the things I removed. My evidence is anecdotal, but I would try disabling it for a while and see if you find the same. If you do, then just kill it. Nest isn't going to support it beyond what's already in existence, so the Hubitat team has no one to contact about the issues. Heck, they would barely respond to them before the announcement of the Works with Nest program going away.

We're going to have to wait until August to find out how the new Google Assistant implementation will work, because right now, they're not giving much detail to anyone.

Many reports about this from the Smartthings, myself and others here with Hubitat and Home assistant

It appears to be just an outage?

Mine is fine now

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I don’t have any instability issues with my hub.