NEO Z-Wave Plus Siren Alarm with Strobe alerts

Hi Community,

I am new to Hubitat and I am loving it, Migrated form Smartthings

Question for you, has anyone found the drivers for Neo Coolcam Siren/Strobe Zwave device?

I was able to add the device using Zwave to my Hubitat C-7 but device was not recognized - Some one told me to select the device as "Dome Siren" but that doesnt seem to work at all.

Current state Only shows Battery but I cannot test siren/strobe light, I cant even get a Beep out of it.

Product on Amazon

I also found the deviceHandler for smartthings here
Can anyone convert this to Hubitat Format?

Smartthings - Neo Coomcam Sire Device Handler

Link above is the product for accurate description.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks again.

did you hit configure on device page? Change driver to dome siren, save device and hit configure a couple times.
I had one and had it paired and working but returned it, the sound was lousy

What sirens are you using now? I have this too and also found it lousy.

Sorry, I thought I replied to this, Yes, that Worked, the Configure was a Bit Fidgety but then it just synced and started working.

It is bleaming lousy, Horrible sound, but i wanted to ensure I have some sound of Siren for now, until I found something better, I know AEOTEC is a good Siren, but in New Zealand they are Pricey, there is not a lot of Zwave/Zigbee options here in NZ.

zooz zse19 and the Dome siren, and the best is the aeotec 6 siren/doorbell. Using all 3.
The wink z-wave siren is almost identical to the dome/neocoolcam and can be had for 20 bucks on ebay(us z-wave frequency). Using the wink also, I have 6 sirens, so at least 1 goes off, just in case

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What would be your top 3 siren? I'm planing on buying 2,i would really appreciate your recommendation as you own so many sirens.

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