Neo Coolcam zigbee power plugs on Hubitat?

Hi there!

A local dealer have a good price on Neo Coolcam zigbee power plugs so I’m thinking of buying a couple of those for controlling lights, chargers etc.

But the question is; do they work with Hubitat? I cant find them under ’built in’ supported devices. But they work with Smarthings so I guess maybe the generic zigbee driver might work?

If you mean this : Neo Smart Plug 16A with Power Monitoring EU NAS-WR01B Zigbee compatibility , then with a very high probability it will work with this custom Tuya driver.

You can never be 100% sure, because the Chinese manufacturers are changing the electronics and the firmware very often, keeping the same white label. Some of the models that worked before one year, now will not work with the C-7 old hubs but will work with the new C-8 only.

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Yep, that’s the one! Ok so then I have no other way to determine if it works or not then to buy it and keep my fingers crossed I guess…

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Although I’ve read a lot about the quality about these plugs that may have me reconsider this… :grimacing:

I am happy with the Frient Smart Plug Mini, but the price is different ...

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Yeah I’ve been happy with the Innr smart plug but same there; The price is different.

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