Neo Coolcam motion driver updated?

I updated my Hubitat yesterday to and all my Neo Coolcam motion sensors went offline (and still are).
Was there an update to Neo Coolcam drivers? Is it possible to download the old drivers somewhere?

Just to emphasize what this means. As I use the temperature from those devices for the heating rules the heating is now fu#%!* (winter in Sweden…lovely), the security system is offline and all lighting is also fu#%!*. My hubitat is more or less bricked!!!

Solution: After a couple reboots the Neo Coolcam sensors come back online!? Not sure what I did but now the are ok.

There's been issues with "Neo CoolCam" motion sensors since they first came out. I remember banging my head against the wall trying to get the thing working on the SmartThings platform.

I've only had one "Neo CoolCam", but it's never reported anything but motion (prob defective), but I've tried a few of the knock off brands out there.

Currently my favorite and CHEAPEST is the " Inteset Zwave Plus PIR Motion Sensor..."

"Neo Motion Sensor 700" and "Generic Z-Wave motion sensor" drivers seem to work best for it, but I still haven't been able to get a temperature reading from the device. There's gotta be a solution though since they're so similar.

If you're using a specific driver code could you please share!