Neeo purchased by Control4


Not sure what this means for the future of the Neeo remote. But for anyone considering purchasing a Neeo you're out of luck as they've discontinued all product sales and distribution.

EDIT: And if you own a Neeo it sounds like EOL is in 24 months.


I think Neeo was mostly local control so those users should be okay? Not sure what happens when the server checks fail consistently over time though. I do not own this system so can't say for sure.

Either way this is still a great argument for local not cloud based control..


I don't own one either but was considering it as a replacement to my aging Pronto TSU7000. I think the local control aspect will be OK but from what (little) I understand, the cloud based IR database will be going away so adding new devices is going to be a problem 24 months from now.

Anyway you look at this it's a dick move by Neeo that leaves the customers (who made their acquisition by Control4 possible) completely SOL.


That's for sure! At least with HE I could keep adding devices and refuse firmware updates.

However HE java code IS proprietary which is a little concerning even though the Linux system is used as a base.