Needing to restart nightly

Hello all,

I’ve got a c5 and a c7 and both are requiring me to restart them nightly or they stop responding to even local control. I can get to the debug interface and reboot from there but it’s becoming super frustrating. I’ve migrated from the c5 to the c7, shut down the c5, and yet the problem continues.

Anybody gone through this and found a solution?

Variations of this surface over and over due to something(s) on the owners hubs causing the issue. You should start with reviewing logs and look for errors. Look at past logs and search for error.

IP connected devices and integrations are notorious for this, so if you're running IP connected integrations, keep them high on your list of suspects. You don't need to remove custom drivers or apps, you can simply disable them and see if that resolves the issues.

If you don't find any errors, then I would suggest disabling all custom code and re-enable each until the issue returns. Be patient. Depending on how much custom code you're using, it could take many days to find the issue.


@SmartHomePrimer is on the money, that's exactly the kind of process I went through, perhaps in reverse, slowly turning off, but whatever helps to identify the culprit(s).

Nowadays the additional info in the logs page around the performance of different devices and apps may also help give you a shortlist.