Needing help: Hunter Douglass / Powerview Shades

@rsteve how's it working?

perfectly! thank you so much! that was the last thing to convert over from ST. so happy!

Nice job getting this converted over! I have one question. Do you have the capability to set the blinds at variable positions utilizing a dimmer switch on your dashboard? I am debating on going hunterdouglas or Bali (somfy).

New user moving devices to Hubitat from WINK.

I’ve updated my Hubitat with your three code sets (app, driver-shade, driver-scene) and have seen the hub IP prompt. However, when I enter the IP address for my PowerView V2 (round, white) hub, it sits at the following prompt:

Fetching hub info...


Searching for installed shades...


Searching for installed scenes...


I have the same issue, I would love to get this working, but do not know enough to tweak it.

Sorry...I have been out of touch. I don't know the difference with the V2. I have an old original. The app is fairly simple, if you can figure out API.

Regarding the dimmer settings, I also don't know. I use scenes and just activate those like a switch.

Hi Steve/All,

I really appreciate the code for this but I am having an issue getting it to work. It found the powerview hub and scenes from within hubitat but it’s not running the scenes.

BTW, I am on a Gen2 powerview hub and the latest hub from habitat. I also reserved the IP address for the powerview hub.

Can someone help me out asap as I am at a client now?

If I goto a browser for the scene to close the drapes, i typed this but the drapes do not close.


Does it matter that the sceneid is all in lowercase? I read somewhere that sceneId needs to have the uppercase "I" in it?

Here is the log for this scene:

dev:242019-09-20 01:41:22.458 pm debugCMD off()
dev:242019-09-20 01:41:21.848 pm warnparse() not implemented! Got: 'mac:CCC079264752, ip:c0a8012d, port:50, headers:SFRUUC8xLjEgMjAwIE9LDQpYLVBvd2VyZWQtQnk6IEV4cHJlc3MNCkNvbnRlbnQtVHlwZTogYXBwbGljYXRpb24vanNvbjsgY2hhcnNldD11dGYtOA0KQ29udGVudC1MZW5ndGg6IDQyOA0KRGF0ZTogRnJpLCAyMCBTZXAgMjAxOSAxNzo0MToyMCBHTVQNCkNvbm5lY3Rpb246IGtlZXAtYWxpdmUNCg==, body:eyJzY2VuZUlkcyI6WzU4MzE1LDU3MDkzLDEyODNdLCJzY2VuZURhdGEiOlt7InJvb21JZCI6Mjk4NzAsIm5hbWUiOiJUMlptYVdObElGWmhhVzV6SUU5d1pXND0iLCJjb2xvcklkIjoxNSwiaWNvbklkIjoxNjgsIm5ldHdvcmtOdW1iZXIiOjE3MSwiaWQiOjU4MzE1LCJvcmRlciI6MiwiaGtBc3Npc3QiOmZhbHNlfSx7InJvb21JZCI6Mjk4NzAsIm5hbWUiOiJUMlptYVdObElGVnciLCJjb2xvcklkIjoxNSwiaWNvbklkIjoxNjgsIm5ldHdvcmtOdW1iZXIiOjYxLCJpZCI6NTcwOTMsIm9yZGVyIjoxLCJoa0Fzc2lzdCI6ZmFsc2V9LHsicm9vbUlkIjoyOTg3MCwibmFtZSI6IlQyWm1hV05sWTJ4dmMyVmsiLCJjb2xvcklkIjoxNSwiaWNvbklkIjoxNjgsIm5ldHdvcmtOdW1iZXIiOjE0MCwiaWQiOjEyODMsIm9yZGVyIjowLCJoa0Fzc2lzdCI6ZmFsc2V9XX0='
dev:242019-09-20 01:41:21.712 pm debugsendRequest: GET
dev:242019-09-20 01:41:21.709 pm infoHost for sendRequest: ${host}
dev:242019-09-20 01:41:21.707 pm debugCMD push(1283)
dev:242019-09-20 01:41:21.703 pm debugCMD on()
dev:242019-09-20 01:32:43.450 pm debugCMD off()
dev:242019-09-20 01:32:41.793 pm debugCMD off()
dev:242019-09-20 01:26:31.170 pm debugcalled setHubInfo() - hubMAC=null hubIP= hubPort=80 pvSceneId=1283
dev:242019-09-20 01:26:31.151 pm infoCMD installed()
--- Loading Past Logs... ---

After further research, I see people at the vera hub community had similar issues. It seems some have gotten it to work with v2 of the powerview hub. My client just spent a fortune on these powerview motors and expects this to work. Any ideas please?

See more here:

similiar issues with vera and powerview

Hunter Douglas PowerView API

Hey Steven. Sorry for your troubles. If I remember correctly, I had a similar issue when I was on SmartThings. My solution was to just find a used v1 on eBay. I don't think there's any difference in functionality. Been working flawlessly ever since.

Hi, so it turns out that if I goto a browser and use the URL with the sceneId having the "I" in upper case, it works.

So how do I either edit the existing code or am I able to just simply make a tile run that exact url that works?

If am supposed to edit the code, which file and row do I edit?

I think its row 124 in this file, but I am not sure if that's it and is there anything else I need to do?

The code is:
sendRequest("GET", "/api/scenes?sceneid=${state.pvSceneId}")

Thanks for any help.


I haven't tried this yet. Is that all I need to change?

Please let me know,

I've just experimented with it and it does seem to populate the devices. But I discovered that my setup of the scenes is problematic. The original powerview app let you create scenes that had the same names. This was managed in the app (as well as that does anything) but here they come up as Open, Day, Night, etc... without any indicator of which room is which. I can work around this by going back into the app, renaming them and re-doing the import.

I should note, it did take a minute or three for the app to populate the dialog box. During which there wasn't any obvious indicator of action. No web page loading indicator or spinning icon. But it did eventually populate the dialog with the info from the hub. I gather this is a website/hub design 'feature'.

I know this is like 2 years old, but yes - in the code you posted above for the scene driver - all you need to do is edit line 124 which originally looks like this:

 sendRequest("GET", "/api/scenes?sceneid=${state.pvSceneId}")

to make it look like this:

 sendRequest("GET", "/api/scenes?sceneId=${state.pvSceneId}")

and then save it.

I just had my top-down-bottom-up HD blinds installed with a v2 PowerView Hub and this works great for using the Hubitat platform to activate scenes set up in the phone app. I haven't tried yet, but I doubt there's any automatic importing of new scenes - you probably have to run the hubitat app every time you make a new scene in the HD phone app in order to make it available for use in hubitat.

FYI, the individual blinds driver does not work for me. It imports the blinds as devices, but interaction with them in Hubitat does nothing. It's not really important for me right now because I can just create a bunch of scenes and use those in automation, but I'll look at the APIs (minor in computer science...but that was 32 years ago hahaha... can you say BASIC, PASCAL, or FORTRAN?)
Eventually, it would be nice to use a variety of inputs like time of day, season, temperature, and outside solar irradiance levels to program some smarter control of individual shades.