Need way to check if zigbee is offline and STAYS offline

i have the following rule for detecting a zigbee crash usually on low memory but recently when i was try to re-pair a device i restarted zigbee and it fired.. i don;t see a way to say is oflline and stays that way for x time, or even use a delay with an if and recheck.. any suggestions thanks..


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A location event does not result in a state that can be tested, so Stays is not available. Perhaps you could use a Wait for Event with a timeout to get the same outcome. Wait for ZigbeeOn...

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Good idea thanks sonof ot tomes out it is and i reboot.

I find it useful to find out about an unwanted zigbee radio reboot.

ok next question how do i detect the timeout as it is not a device.. ie

your example
Set Timeout to %device%
IF (Timeout = 'timeout') THEN

most likely wont work here. thanks.

Timeout is part of the Wait for Event, not something separate.

So the Wait will complete in the first to occur or 2:00 or ZigbeeOn. You can tell which by inspecting %value%, which will be "timeout" if that is what happened. You have to set a String variable with %value&, and then test that against "timeout".


On my hub the very occasional zigbeeOff events usually recover in a few seconds with a zigbeeOn event (YMMV). I use the following RM to report on these hub conditions.

not working.. any idea thanks..

it does seem to work with device not value as you mentioned..

ok new final rule.. thanks for all the help

Sorry, bad memory about what gets set by timeout.

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