Need to replace my garbage Lightify LED Strip (EU / Austria)

I'm giving up on this absolute piece of trash LED strip from Silviana / Osram. Over the past month, this strip has thoroughly tried my patience by being extremely unreliable and frustrating. It keeps freezing in one or the other state, it turns itself on and off, it refuses to respond to the Hubitat Hub or the Hue Hub, and so on. All the while, there are no entries in the log in the hub. Yesterday was the last straw - the strip came on at 1 am and refused to turn off. I had to get out of bed and unplug it. In the morning, when I plugged it back in, it was perfectly fine. An hour later, it refused to turn on (nothing worked - the motion sensor, buttons, HE dashboard, HE devices menu, none of it!) and now it's back to working fine again. This experience is perfectly in line with my experience with the ridiculously inconsistent Osram 4 Way Controller I had. I am well and truly done with any Osram product.

Are there any decent, reliable LED strips I can get in Austria? I watched a bunch of videos and read through a bunch of threads here, but a LOT of info is US/UK centric and much of the recomended gear (RGBgenie, Sengled, etc.) is either not available or hella expensive (or both, if I need to import it and then pay VAT / import taxes).

I have a bunch of Amazon DE vouchers that I can use so I'd love to pick something up from there. I'm currently looking at these Innr Strips, but I also saw that they have stuff from Gledopto and Giderwel. I've come across some good things here about Gledopto controllers here, but I've never made my own strips before and I don't really know where to start.

I would like to have an RGBW strip - I'm using the strip as a ceiling light in the kitchen for the moment, but I will likely repurpose it when I move.

I use good quality RGBW LED strips with a 24V power supply. Controlled by Fibaro Z-Wave RGBW units. I also use one Fibaro RGBW unit to control 4 white LED strips.
This way you can chose the most suitable LED strips. (Length, colours, IP-rating, brightness, budget etc.) and just add the controller.



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This looks like a good solution. I will definitely put this on the shortlist, if not for right now, definitely for the future.

I'm going to have to look up a bunch of tutorials about setting this up. I read the manual and there are a LOT of things in there that I am not familiar with. I don't want mess something up and cause some kind of electrical mishap :sweat_smile:

EDIT: Watched a bunch of videos - definitely not plug and play and loads of potential to screw something up and cause damage. While I am not against learning about this and setting it up, I can't justify investing that time right now since I know we will be moving in a year or two. For now, getting something that's simple plug and play seems like a better option.

The problem likely lies in the fact that strip I believe is ZLL and not ZHA (someone correct me if I'm wrong) and doesn't play well in a ZHA mesh as it's a shitty repeater. If it was on it's own hubitat or hue bridge it may behave better. (I have a couple attached to hue bridge and not finding any issue that way) They were a holdover from my Wink days

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So a potential solution I could try would be to move it from my HE to my Hue hub? I'll give that a shot and see if it helps. Pairing it with HE was a huge pain the last time I tried it. I had to try close to a dozen times before I managed to get it to work...

I don't have an issue with my LED strips, they are ZHA tho and branded Lightify. If you search the FCC ID, you can validate if they are ZLL or ZHA. Also my Sylvania Gardenspots behave fine.

In any event for alternatives looks at the very inexpensive H801 LED controller and the firmware written by Eric Maycock. Controller is about 8-10 USD and LED strips you can get very cheap from even Amazon. H801 is wifi but very reliable, and has some cool color sequences you can customize

If still problematic, innovelli just came out with some nice z-wave light strips

Interesting. I have 9 of these strips and they work great. I had a problem with one that would/wouldn't power on/off but I reset it and re-paired and it worked fine. I also have several SENGLED LED strips and they work good too. The color on the Sylvania and the SINGLED strips are slightly different. I actually like the SENGLED color depth better.

I have a separate Hubitat hub for all of my color RGBW zigbee devices (35 of them) and I use hub mesh to extend them to my main hub. It seems like RGBW bulbs, especially changing all at one time, is intense. After separating them on their own hub my RGBW bulbs/strips are much happier.

SENGLED Amazon Link (Not sure if they are available in Austria): : singled rgbw

Y'all are making me think I got twice unlucky with Osram stuff :confused:

Thanks for all the suggestions, by the way! I'm saving the names of most of these products!

Okay so I set it up with the Hue hub and now, every time the strip turns on (regardless of whether via a rule, a button, or the dashboard) it's always set to the lowest possible brightness. Any idea if I can set some sort of default behaviour anywhere?

The Hue app doesn't have any options for this at all. I tried updating the "Preset" values in the device, but that doesn't seem to make a difference. They reset every time I turn it on and off.

I'm using the CoCo Hue app and the light set itself up as a CoCo Hue RGBW Bulb

I've implemented a workaround for the automations and buttons, but interactions from the dashboard are still not working.
I've made the rules a bit more specific instead of saying "On".


That works for one instance. I put in "100" under set level, click the set level button, and this causes the light to turn on. Then, I switch the light off. As soon as I switch the light on again (from the dashboard or from a widget on my phone), the level reverts to "1".

I can't find a way to set defaults anywhere.

What about using the native hue integration?

I uninstalled CoCo Hue, removed all my Hue Devices, installed the native integration, and re-added all my Hue devices.

The behaviour hasn't changed. I'm not sure what more I can do :<

I can't find them out here unfortunately. Getting them shipped from the US is not an option - they'll probably end up being more expensive then Hue lol

They are not. They only have bulbs here.

I have the indoor and outdoor LED strip, bought at clearance price, but have never used that. The 2ft per cut is too long for my custom fit purposes.

I bought RGBW and RGBCCT LED strip from Aliexpress (2 inch per cut) and use Zooz RGBW controller and GLEDOPTO RGBCTT 2ID controller (2ID only works with Hue Bridge) and have been working fine.

There are now various Tuya Zigbee LED strip controllers for US$12 or less, but I haven't tried them.

Zooz (and Inovelli) are not available in Europe :frowning:

Yeah, a lot of stuff that's very commonly spoken about here isn't available in Europe. Sometimes, reading through the forums feels a bit frustrating. I see all these people talking about all this cool stuff and none of it is available here.

On the flip side, I see all the cool stuff available here and can find neither drivers nor reviews about it on here.

i use this it work well

Thanks! Gledopto is available on Amazon DE as well! I'll pick one of these up soon. The strip has been quite obidient for the past few weeks so I'm laying low for the moment. Let's see if it starts misbehaving again.