Need to know info about Oakter

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I have few products from an Indian company called Oakter.

And I am able to use them only with their Oakter hub. As I now Hubitat, I tried to reach them and ask what protocol they use on their Hub to connect. But they are refusing to say and keep saying their products can work only with their Hub.

I have seen many products advertised only to work with Tuya hub or Aqara hub but many people here able to work with Hubitat.

So I believe the same can be done for Oakter as well. How to find out which protocol they use (ZigBee or ZWave)

I believe it wont be WiFi as if it is WiFi their devices does not require a hub. So it should be one of the above two, am I right ?

If it is WiFi, how to connect to Hubitat as I dont see option in Hubitat to connect WiFi devices. I see only Z-Wave or ZigBee.

Maybe/ maybe not. The only way to tell is to find some details from them like what frequency they work with. If it's 2.4ghz it could be WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooth ect.

Then as hubitat is open you can remove the device from their hub and at the same time try and join it to hubitat. If it joins then it can normally be made to work

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How to join WiFi devices as I see only two option when adding devices.

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Their website is horrible. There is no description of their devices, just the name and a button to buy. Also, all I found when googling were Wi-Fi plugs and I couldn't find a reason why their hub is required.

Essentially, every compatible WiFi device has its own method of integrating with Hubitat. There is no standardized method of doing it, unlike with zigbee and Z-wave.


No, there are other wireless protocols besides zigbee and Z-wave.

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I see that they are using WiFi to connect. Is it possible for someone to look into their android or ios app and get the API details and make a driver for Hubitat

If they have an open, published API, then yes it's possible.

What @marktheknife said. Alternatively, if someone had the time and patience to reverse engineer their API.

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