Need to full/hard reset C7

I have a C7 I would like to use as my "coordinator" hub for my two new C8s. I found a "fullui" URL to hard reset here on the forums, but looks like it no longer works in the newest hubitat firmware.

Can someone direct me on how to full/hard reset on the newest firmware? This hub has over 400 devices connected and it will take me forever to remove them.

Thanks much

Reset both radios in zigbee/z-wave settings respective pages. Then go to yourhubip:8081 and do a soft reset.


Thanks but that doesn't solve my issue of the many, many devices I have (virtual devices, hubconnect, etc.). It will take me a long time (many hours?) to delete them all.

Is there no longer a "full reset" option?

What I outlined above is a full reset and will remove everything including the radio databases.

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@rlithgow1 - thanks! Will give it a go tonight.

I believe there is also an option to delete the logfiles. You may want to select this option as when you start working with the hub, you may find it confusing (I did) to see logs of devices that no longer exist. It fooled me for a few minutes.