Need the update itch to be satisfied

Ok after watching @patrick talk about HE on a live stream I am now itching for an update and....a beta?!?


The @aaron itch is yet to go unscratched. May the firmware gods bless you with the update you require (or at least some cortisone).
Updatus Soonimus.


As per @patrick talk there is a lot of great things coming in the next release but it's currently in beta. So hold tight because it will be worth the wait if you want to do some interesting things with your system :grin:

Yes, but we're itchy.

Oohhhhh. My interest is piqued.
Hurry, hurry I go on my hols soon. :smile:

I was just testing my mojo for summoning the update gods of HE. :wink:

The last two sacrifices caused updates within 24 hours. LOL!

You still have 9hrs left. Let's see if you stay at 100%.


The beta would be nice :slight_smile:

I think we all know that Beta's move to Release when the number of problems found and reported dwindle to near zero per unit of time.

History shows us that a thoroughly Beta Tested Release has only half the number of bugs found. Hot Fix #1 resolves half the remaining, Hot Fix #2 resolves another half of the remaining.



Is there a write up of what was said?

My summoning has failed. I am not worthy of the HE update gods. :cry:

Don't give up yet. Just try a different approach.




That itch needs scratching again, actually surprised 2.0.9 is not out yet, at the live event it seemed like only a day or two away. Looking forward to RM 3.0.

It’s out. :grin:

Yup. Just updated my hub.


You're welcome.
I've been doing the shimmy for your sake for almost a week. My legs are tired.


So jealous of everyone right now getting to play with the new update......Fancy I decided to start over with my Schlage Locks again on update day, to see if they would stay connected, and now I have to wait again for them to connect back before upgrading.

Glad you were doing the shimmy shake. I was doing the Macarena for the past week. Was difficult while driving too!

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