Need some recommendations (outlets, water sensor, and fan control)

I'm looking to get several additional home automation devices. I've been Googling for the past two days, but I think I need some personal recommendations from the community. Would you all be able to suggest some recommended devices for the following?

  • Indoor Outlet: Don't want Wi-Fi outlets. I have some Peanut plugs. Which work just fine but they seem bulky. I don't necessarily need power monitoring, but that would be a plus. I wanted to see if there were other brands that were recommended.

  • Outdoor Outlet: Don't want Wi-Fi. Ideally, I'd like two outlet that are switched independently. But I would settle for one switched.

  • Water sensors: I'm not very familiar with them. I just want to be able to sense the presence of water for now. I don't have any kind of shut off valve or a desire to have one yet.

  • Fan module: I have ceiling fan that does not have a wall switch. It only has the pull string to turn on the fan and a reversing switch. The fan does not have a light. Is there a small module that I could wire in that would add z-wave to an existing fan to change the speed? Bonus would be switching direction, but I'll settle for just the speed!!!

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.


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