Need Rule Help or Ideas for Disarming HSM via Lock Code via Rule

We haven't traveled much in the last 18 months but were considering a trip. I'd like to be able to set a rule that would allow that when our phones are not present, if someone we knew was entering in a lock code it would DISARM the HSM prior to their entry. I know I could (as an alternative) disarm it from where ever we were but thought this might be an easier way. Secondly, if I can get it to work, then a rule to Arm Away when they once again locked the door.

I've tried some things, and can't figure out how to test it. Tried turning off WIFI on the phones but apparently HE still knew were were here, though outside.

Here is my last attempt and some logs. Not so much interested in purchasing something new (key FOB, etc. Love to know if anyone else has a similar rule.

What you have should work, except I don't see any need to use predicate conditions (disarming an already-disarmed HSM won't change anything so shouldn't really be a concern, and unless you only want to disarm if a specific sequence of lock codes was entered--yours then someone else's, for example--I don't see what that condition would be doing for you). Your rule doesn't appear to be triggering at all right now, and it's hard to say without seeing the actual events and conditions, but it's probably related to that.

Also, it's unlikely that you want to "Disarm all"; this will also disable smoke, water, and custom alerts, not just intrusion. It's more like you just want "Disarm." Not related to this problem, and maybe not what you want, but thought I'd mention it just in case.

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Thanks for the information, I'll make some changes and give it a try tomorrow.

I went back and dropped the Predicate and re-jiggered the Rule for some Notifications as well and tested it out this morning and it worked. Thanks for the help, sometimes simple is better...

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