Need Recommendation: Water sensor that will be normally wet

Hi all...I am testing out an idea for an automatic pool water fill automation. I am looking for a water sensor, ideally with probe(s) that "behaves well" when normally wet. The dry state would be an actionable event for me. Otherwise, I expect the sensor to be normally wet. I also need it to be small enough to fit in the intended installation location. Anyone have an ideas on a water sensor that fits this use case or have been proven in this use case?

I was testing the Aeotec Water Sensor 6, but it apparently stays active and is doing something when wet, thus drains the battery in 3 days. The vendor sent me another unit to test with, but since the hardware and firmware versions are the same, I am expecting the same results.

Thanks in advance for your recommendations/suggestions.

I used a Float Valve wired to a Contact Sensor.

It's a Reed Switch inside the rod/tube and a magnet in the float. The magnet is offset so if you flip it over, you can modify the Switch to be NO or NC.

One of the more exciting options I've read is to use a Laser Time-of-Flight sensor to simply measure the water level. It's an Arduino type of solution though so battery life would be hours not months or need a power source.

My Float Valve assembly is inside a waterproof box attached to a Lexan plate inside the Skimmer cover. The Lexan (Polycarbonate) allows me to adjust the distance so the float is in the ideal spot. I'd suggest reading the condition only when you know the water level is stable. I've been using 5am. If the level is low, I enable the filler valve for 12 mins. That adds about an inch of water for my pool. I don't run that more than once a day(night.) What I mean is, I don't care if the Float detects the water rise and I do not use it to shut off the water. I simply add 1" per day til the Float is happy. I also monitor for the float going silent.


Screen Shot 2020-09-16 at 2.13.35 PM

Sorry I can't resist....

Get this....

And then put a motion sensor on it. If the motion stops it's dry. :joy: :joy:


@csteele - Your automation rules describe a lot of what I already programmed. I am struggling to envision what your assembly looks like. Would you mind taking some pics and posting them here?

i think you can get the normal ecolink water or contact sensor and just hook any normaly closed vs opne probe to it as it has options for wiring in an external probe.. seems cheaper that other alternatives

or even just take the virtual or generic contact zwave and change the coding slightly

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