Need presence/lights help

I have been struggling with this for two days. I have gone through docs, threads, Hubitat (Hambones) Live, etc. No joy.

I am using:

  • Hubitat Virtual Device switch/presence.
  • WEMO light switches

When FINGBOX detects a family member's phone connect to the home wi-fi it tells Hubitat to set their presence/switch to on/present.
When Hubitat virtual device changes state to presence/on the rule should turn on the porch and entry WEMO light switches and then announce ["name" arriving] on Google Home speaker group.

I am trying to use a logic table to consider the different conditions such as if both lights are already on or one of the other is on. I also want to make sure the lights are only on from sunset to sunrise.

I want to announce their presence regardless of time and light status.

Once this is conquered, I want to check to see if anyone is still "not-present" so I can keep the lights on, between sunset and sunrise, until all are present.

Here is the worksheet. Please look at this and let me know what I am doing wrong/right.

You're making this more complicated than it needs to be. Separate the two parts of this, the lights and the arrival announcement.

For the arrival announcement, use a Trigger

Trigger Events: Person Arrives
Action: Send Message '%device% arrived'

%device& will fill in the name of the presence sensor / virtual switch. If using a virtual switch, then change the Trigger Event from Presence arrives to switch turns on. You will take advantage of the state change for the presence device or virtual switch to detect arrival.

For the lights part also use a Trigger, with the same Trigger Event. The action is simple: Turn on Porch and Entry. Don't worry about whether they are already on or not, an extra on command isn't going to hurt anything. Add a Restriction to only do this between sunset and sunrise.

The first one could be done with Notifier or Rule Machine. The second one could be done with Simple Lighting or Rule Machine.

You gave me all of these nice, new toys in R3, I wanted to use them all in a single, highly complicated rule to manage my entire house.

Always over-thinking it. :exploding_head:

Thanks @bravenel.


I built this trigger. It sort of works. The action triggers a light to come on when they arrive and go out when they depart. I added this because the text to speech is not working.

I see everything looks good in the log, but no speed comes out of the Google mini units. It does seem to work with the Chromecast Ultra on my Living Room TV. If I do it as a single device or if I send the message to my speaker group that includes the Living Room TV.

I had this working on all speakers when I was using the whacky complicated rule. Is there something wrong with Rules 3 that is preventing the text to speech to Google Minis?

app:1992019-05-17 07:33:31.729 pm infoAction: Toggle: Living Room Table Lamp

app:1992019-05-17 07:33:29.658 pm infoPerson_Arriving Triggered

app:1992019-05-17 07:33:29.635 pm infoAction: Delay 0:00:02

app:1992019-05-17 07:33:29.436 pm infoAction: Toggle: Living Room Table Lamp

app:1992019-05-17 07:33:29.401 pm infoAction: '%device% Arriving'All speakers

app:1992019-05-17 07:33:29.364 pm infoPerson_Arriving: Lori switch on

Person Departing:
app:2002019-05-17 07:35:14.945 pm infoAction: Toggle: Living Room Table Lamp

app:2002019-05-17 07:35:12.841 pm infoPerson_Departing Triggered

app:2002019-05-17 07:35:12.816 pm infoAction: Delay 0:00:02

app:2002019-05-17 07:35:12.631 pm infoAction: Toggle: Living Room Table Lamp

app:2002019-05-17 07:35:12.587 pm infoAction: '%device% Departing'Living Room speaker

app:2002019-05-17 07:35:12.551 pm infoPerson_Departing: Lori switch off

Issue resolved. I checked the Google Home integration and all of those devices were removed from the list. I have no idea why.

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