Need Keypad for Security System after installing Centralite Motion and Door Sensors ---- Advice Needed

C- 7 Platform
As our Home was under remodel, my smarthome has been going up piecemeal as well. As a result I have a significant investment in time and money with Centralite Motion and Contact Sensors. I want to add Security. I tried Ring2 but realized I needed the hub so I abandoned this thinking I can find another keyboard. However I am having trouble! I did find these extremely over priced options...

Few questions:
1). Will the Xfinity Branded Centralite 3400s work and are they worth the $90 buck? I'd need 3.
2) Is there another option I am not seeing?
3) Can Ring Security System incorporate pre installed Motion and Contact Sensors?

At this point I may just utilize generic Picos and have a button pattern rule or something like it. I didn't realize I may have painted myself into the corner

The Ring Gen2 Keypads are Zwave+ and have a native driver for HE.

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When I bought the ring 2 and tried to include it, it required the ring hub? Or at least the option to include the keypad did not show up under the security section in the ring app. Do I need the ring hub too? I really am just looking for a keypad.

It will pair directly with HE without having a Ring Hub and can be utilized by HSM at that point.

OK thanks. Are there any instructions on how to get it into inclusion mode? I searched all over and all the instructions pointed to the RING App, but the Ring App did not list the keypad as a device. Is there a way to get it into inclusion mode without the Ring App?

For Ring devices I usually use SmartStart, but normally its 3 button pushes for the regular IIRC.